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The Kimberley Nature Park protects important wildlife habitat and provides exceptional opportunities for ecological education and non-motorized recreation. Located inside the City of Kimberley in the foothills of the Purcell Mountain range, the 840-hectare nature park and the adjacent 200-hectare Horse Barn Valley Interpretive Forest contain more than 50 kilometres of trails linking forested hillsides, panoramic viewpoints, pockets of old-growth cedar, rugged talus slopes and numerous small ponds and streams. The largest municipal park in British Columbia is managed by the non-profit Kimberley Nature Park Society, which has a mandate of conservation, education and recreation.

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March 8, 2020

When someone mentions evergreens to me, I usually think of conifer trees.  It might be the spire-like subalpine fir I see on the way to Dipper Lake, the bushy lodgepole pine and Douglas fir that carpet much of the park, or even the scattered Ponderosa pine that dot the western side of Sunflower Hill.  While evergreen trees are the most obvious examples of plants that keep their leaves throughout the winter, there are actually...

February 19, 2020

The Kimberley Nature Park natural history group met at the campground trailhead Feb. 8 for a hike up Sunflower Hill into the Park’s south end. The theme for this outing was seeing patterns in nature. All of the images in this post were taken by participants – perhaps they provide the most eloquent illustration of what we saw on our hike.

Photo by Jim Duncan

Most of us tend to take seeing for granted. We open our eyes in the morn...

January 21, 2020

The natural history group of the Kimberley Nature Park Society ventured out on Saturday, January 11 to identify some of the shrubs and trees that are sitting dormant, waiting for the heat and longer days to arrive. The morning arrived with sun, a comfortable temperature of -4C, and a fresh topping of snow, making for very pleasant conditions.

 A group of natural history buffs headed out recently to identify some winter plants....

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