Williamson's Sapsucker Habitat Area

The Ministry of Environment has formally established a 72.8 hectare Wildlife Habitat Area (WHA) inside the Nature Park for the Williamson's Sapsucker ( WISA). (See map below.) They have asked Heather Pinnell, a registered professional Forester who works for the Ministry to develop a treatment plan for the area which will address interface fire concerns, pine beetle issues and the need to maintain appropriate habitat for the woodpecker. Biologist Chris Steeger spent a number of days in the area earlier this winter looking at snags, nest trees, coarse woody debris and other elements that make for good WISA habitat. Chris's report which you can download here, will be used by Heather to develo

Blarchmont Hillside Fuel Treatment (Feb. 2008)

The City's fire consultant, Bob Gray and Professional Forester Geoff Byford have developed a plan for fuel treatment on the hillside above Lower Blarchmont. They have defined a 15.7 hectare treatment unit that includes the ridge above Eimer's Lake and the slope above Overwaitea. (see map below) The area will be treated by hand, using the Provincial fire crews when they are not busy fighting forest fires. The crews will first work through the area and dice up and pile all the coarse woody debris for burning next fall or winter. The following year they will do a second pass and cut down the small trees and any beetle infected pine and pile it for burning. Most of the large trees will be l

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