Sunflower Hill Prescribed Burn ( April 2008)

On April 17th, approximately 50 hectares of Sunflower Hill was burned to reduce wildfire fuels, eliminate forest ingrowth and rejuvenate shrubs and grasses across the hillside. Crews from the Ministry of Forests, the Kimberley Fire Department and private contractors, carried out the burn and the necessary protective measures. Members of the KNPS were invited to attend as observers and we learned a lot about how fire behaves under spring conditions. In the coming weeks we will be assessing the effects of the fire on the soils and vegetation and will determine if more hand treatment of ingrowth is required. You can download a copy of the burn plan in .pdf format here. Using drip torches to ign

Sunflower Hill Prescribed Burn Prep

On April 12th we held the final work party on Sunflower Hill to prepare for the prescribed burn later this month. Last year we had three sessions on the hillside, raking and pulling twigs and needles away from mature trees, pruning low hanging branches and scattering piles of logging debris so that no one spot would burn too hot. Thanks to a great turnout of volunteers we were able to complete the job this week and we are hopeful that very few mature trees will be lost in the impending fire. Volunteers pull apart piles of logging debris left by the skidders last year. Scattering material away from the leave-trees. Pruning the lower branches to prevent fire from climbing into the crown. A mat

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