New Culverts Solve Flooding Problem

Last year we hired Pete Campbell from PCL Landscaping to make some improvements to the Army Road and Jimmy Russell Road. One of the areas of concern was near the north end of Jimmy Russell where spring flooding from the creek in Whitetail Valley would often submerge about 40 metres of the road. Hikers and bikers would either get wet or have to bushwack along the edge of the road to avoid the water. Pete managed to round up a couple of culverts and used his bobcat to build up the roadbed using sandy soil from a borrow pit across the Army Road. KNPS volunteer Roger Tierney worked with Pete to get the culverts in place, armour around their ends with large rocks and clear out some of the brush

2017 KNPS Event Schedule

The schedule of guided events in the Nature Park and Horse Barn Valley is now finalized. From May through October, volunteers from the Nature Park Society will be leading 26 guided outings in the Park and Interpretive Forest. All the events are free and everyone is welcome. You can take your Mom or Dad for an invigorating hike on Mother's Day or Father's Day, or learn about the rocks and landforms of the park from a professional geologist. You can get an introduction to the park's mountain bike trails or explore the Horse Barn Valley Interpretive Forest. You can learn about the berries in the park and their importance to wildlife or you can spend some time with a local nature photographer

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