Boreal Owls discovered in Nature Park

While hiking in the nature park on April 21, Kimberley resident Spence Johnston spotted a small owl sitting on a tree branch. He was able to take a number of pictures and has shared those with us. To our delight, Spence has made the first-ever discovery of a boreal owl in the Kimberley Nature Park, and one of the few sightings of this bird in the East Kootenay. The boreal owl has no ear tufts and is about the size of a robin. Boreal owls are small, about the size of a robin (although with broader, longer wings). They are active at night when they hunt for small mammals such as mice, voles and pocket gophers. They tend to sit quietly perched on a branch and use their exceptional hearing to lo

2018 guided events schedule

We have just put the finishing touches on our 2018 guided events schedule and it is now available for download as a pdf file by clicking here or on the image below. With 25 events to choose from, there is something for everyone. - Bring your parents out for the Mother's Day or Father's Day walks or get an introduction to mountain biking in the park. - Bring the kids out for the Hike for Young Families to Eimer's Lake or explore the mysteries of the Tora Bora in Horse Barn Valley. - Come out in the evening for some star and planet gazing or in the morning for a hike to the summit of Myrtle Mountain with its great views of the Rockies. - Learn about the natural history of the park on one of ou

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