Mysterious myxomycetes

Walking Upper Army Road earlier this summer, I noticed a white fist-sized blob tucked in among the Oregon grape and kinnikinnick beside the trail. It appeared to resemble a clump of cauliflower. Quite curious, I picked up a stick and gave it a poke. The clump had a soft, porridge-like consistency that easily mushed apart with my prodding. Weird. I took a few pictures and set off for home to do some research. This textured white ball was discovered on Upper Army Road this summer. That’s how I was introduced the bizarre and wonderful world of Myxomycetes. More commonly known as slime molds, these fascinating life forms are not plants or fungi, but rather occupy their own branch of the evolutio

Weekly Gateway to Nature hikes a hit

Popular Gateway to Nature hikes every Saturday morning in July and August offered residents and visitors an overview of the wonderful biodiversity in the Kimberley Nature Park. Leaving from the Kimberley Riverside Campground entrance on St Mary Road, the 2.5-hour loop took participants up Campground trail, along Jimmy Russell Road, up SW Passage to the viewpoint, down Skid Road and Duck Pond trail, and back along Jimmy Russell Road. The intent of these hikes was to provide a guided introduction to the park and to help hikers feel comfortable exploring the area. Hikers and guides assemble for the last Gateway to Nature Hike of the season. This year, an additional hike was offered on September

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