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Interpretive Panels Installed in HBV

The 13 panels which interpret various aspects of the natural and human history in Horse Barn Valley are now installed on their posts and available for viewing by visitors to the area. The last panel was put in place on October 6th by Lisa Cox from Recreational Sites and Trails BC, Rick Allen from the Columbia Basin Trust and Struan Roberston, who spearheaded the project for the KNPS. Funding for the project came from the CBT, the Province of BC and the KNPS. Many thanks to all the volunteers that dug post holes and carried in materials to help complete the project. Also thanks to Kimberley Promotions for designing the panels, Selkirk Signs for printing them on sturdy aluminum and Neil Davidson for fashioning the backing system. More information about the panels is available in the Horse Barn Valley section of our website.

A volunteer crew finishes the installation of one of the panel posts.

Allison and Cliff attach a panel to a post.

One of the interpretive panels installed by the Tora Bora talus slope.

Struan Roberston, Lisa Cox and Rick Allen admire the finished product.

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