New Hand Treatment Areas (May 2010)

The KNPS has reviewed 6 draft fuel treatment prescriptions prepared for the City by forester Brian Watson and fire ecologist, Bob Gray. A number of our suggestions will be incorporated into the final versions of the prescriptions and contractors will be hired in the next few weeks to begin the work. We will post the final versions of the prescriptions on this website when we receive them. Below are 6 aerial photos showing the location of the fuel treatments outlined in red. Somewhat larger images in .pdf format can be downloaded here. The treatments include the slashing of woody debris on the forest floor and the slashing of small and medium sized conifers. All the material will be piled on site and dried out for a year, then the piles will be burned. Trails in the Park will be closed while tree falling is occuring. We will work with the contractor to minimize disruption for Park visitors but please obey any signs restricting access to trails.

This treatment unit (3-2) has one lobe that starts above Eimer's Lake and runs southwest along and downhill from the Lower Army Road towards Second Eimer's. The second lobe is on the hillside above second Eimer's near the Forest Crowne border. Edge Trail (not shown) runs along that border.

This treatment unit (3-3) is located on the steep hillside below and west of Romantic Ridge. West of the unit is Stump Trail and to the north is Hillside.

This treatment unit (3-4) runs along Romantic Ridge from near Trickle Creek Golf Course and down across the Suicide. It includes both east and west faces of the ridge.

This treatment unit (3-5) includes the hillside above the Lower Army Road and below Romantic Ridge as well as a bit of the hillside across the creek to the south.

This treatment unit (3-11) is divided into two parts. Both of them lie on the steep hillside above the St. Mary's Lake Road. The western lobe is just below the Boulevard near its junction with the Army Road.

This treatment unit (3-22) covers some rocky outcrop areas in the southern end of the Park. It's northwestern end is at the South West Passage Viewpoint and its southeastern end crosses the lower portion of Duck Pond Trail just up from Jimmy Russell Road.

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