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March 2005 Interface Fire Risk Reduction Update

Bob Gray, the fire ecologist hired by the City to create an interface fire risk reduction plan for Kimberley, will be going over data collected by the pine beetle survey contractors and should be putting a plan for the Park together in May. Bob has suggested that a pilot project to do hand thinning and slashing on the 20 hectares of land adjacent to Lower Blarchmont and Eimers Lake would be a first step in the plan. He is also suggesting that two 1 hectare staging areas be cleared in the Park that would allow the location of temporary water reservoirs and heavy equipment should a fire occur in the Park.

Laura, John and Cliff check out a proposed staging area near the junction of Romantic Ridge Trail and the Upper Army Road. The area as currently flagged will not work for us and will need to be moved. Part of Romantic Ridge Trail may need to be re-routed as well.

John checking out a proposed new section of road from Duck Pond Trail into Forest Crowne.

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