New draft KNP management plan

The KNPS is updating the Park Management Plan and is seeking public comment on the new draft which is posted below. The Management Plan is a requirement of the Provincial License of Occupation that authorizes the City of Kimberley to designate the area for park purposes. The plan was originally created by the Kimberley Nature Park Society, in consultation with the City and the community, and was last updated in 2012. The draft 2019 version is largely consistent with previous versions and updates all the action items for the next six years. The appendices to the plan have also been updated where necessary. We welcome your feedback on the draft until the end of June at which time the plan wi

A busy Friday morning

The amount of activity in the Nature Park and Horse Barn Valley on Friday morning proves that a cloudy, drizzly day doesn't deter KNPS volunteers. Frank, Paul and Lou took a truck into the Park from the Swan Ave. entrance and spent the morning cleaning up old junk that was revealed last fall when the fuel treatment crews thinned out the small trees near the old gravel pit. Previously screened from view were piles of metal, old bottles, a couple of rusted 45-gallon barrels, a bunch of tires and even a snowplow blade off a pickup truck. They bagged, dragged and hoisted all the junk into a pickup truck and packed it away to the transfer station for recycling or disposal. At the same time John,

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