New wetland program impresses students, educators

Students from five classes at McKim School braved cold and wet conditions this fall to help pilot a new environmental education program at Eimer’s Lake in the Kimberley Nature Park, and they are giving it two thumbs up. The instructor-led pilot program is earning high praise from students and educators. The wetland program uses exploratory and inquiry-based teaching methods to guide students through a series of learning stations around Eimer’s Lake. Upon arrival, students are encouraged to use their senses to explore nature. After listening, watching, smelling and feeling the forested wetland area, the classes are split into two groups, with each group travelling in an opposite direction aro

A fire escape

For the last decade the Kimberley Nature Park Society has been working with the City of Kimberley and its consultants and contractors to reduce the risk of a catastrophic wildfire in the park. After putting up stiff resistance to proposals for clear-cut logging some years ago, we settled on a plan to use small-scale hand treatments to modify the forest structure. These treatments involve slicing and dicing smaller conifers and downed woody debris, heaping them into piles and then, when conditions are right, burning the piles. It is still a bit messy, noisy and smoky, but we have managed to thin significant areas of the park in a way that has received positive feedback from most users. Fuel t

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