2013 Hand Treatments

Work is proceeding this summer and fall on the treatment unit above Boulder Trail, parts of the Overwaitea Hill and a revised treatment unit on the south slope of Myrtle Mountain. The Myrtle Mountain treatment area defined in 2011 proved somewhat contentious since it included wetter, north-facing slopes. The new treatment area focuses on dryer, south-facing areas that would be more naturally open if fires were not suppressed. A contractor has been hired by the City and has been slashing and piling smaller conifers and recently downed debris. Access to Boulder Trail has been restricted at times when tree falling is occuring close to the trail.

A more open and natural forest stand above Boulder Trail.

The area outlined in orange on the photo above is slated for work this year. The area outlined in green is proposed for future treatment. Duck Pond and Forest Crowne are on the right side of the picture.

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