KNPS Firewood Salvage Program - Summer 2010

For many years the KNPS has been maintaining the trail network in the Park. Part of that process is the removal of trees that blow down in storms or are brought down in heavy snowfalls. In the past, the portions of the trees that blocked the roads and trails were cut and pushed to the side. With an increase in mortality from the pine beetle more trees are falling and that is resulting in a buildup of woody debris. We have now begun a firewood salvage program to remove that material from areas that we can access with pickup trucks, primarily along the emergency vehicle access routes. Volunteers with trucks and chainsaws are being organized to travel as a group into various areas of the Park and dice up the downed material and use it to heat local houses. By doing this we are removing a wildfire fuel source and making the Park road network safer.

Volunteers remove downed trees from Jimmy Russell Road.

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