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Hike for young families

On our annual hike for young families 10 adults, five children and two four-legged friends enjoyed a meander from the Higgins Street entrance to Eimer’s Lake. This is a wonderful trek for young hikers - easy and short. Our route took us along a creek on a road with loads of mud puddles and mushrooms popping up everywhere. There were interesting examples of lichen and moss and, of course, lovely little Eimer’s Lake to explore.

Once again this annual event was well attended.

The loop around the lake is especially lush this year, a magical wonderland for young hikers to experience. This year we observed a duck family floating on the lake, and we were able to find almost every item on our scavenger hunt list. Many thanks to Jeanne Watson for sweeping for the group.

Checking out the ducks on the pond.

Walking back from the lake past the Elbow Road Junction.

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